20 juil. 2014

Almost Tropcial

I would not normally call this an outfit as it's only a dress. But I'm used to wear many layers of clothes as I'm always cold and it's always cold. For once it felt like summer yesterday (+ 30°c) and even a simple dress was too much.
I guess that could still count as an outfit as I choose to ass the hair-do, the necklace and the shoes. It's only the second time I try hair crown, not as hard to do as I thought. The Lovehearts necklace is a recurrent theme in my outfits hehe so get used to see a lot of them in my posts.

Dress : H&M, Shoes : Primark, Necklace : WEGO

And I didn't have to leave Paris to take these photos, it was at Musée du Quai Branly (I need to explore more cool garden).

I almost wish i had a sunburn.

15 juil. 2014


Hey everyone!

I'm Mnon and I finally decided to create a new blog. I had all different kind of blogs since I was 11 and I used to post pretty much whatever came to my mind. My last blog was "What a rainbow" which lasted from 2009 to mid 2012. I stopped blogging because I was never really a blogger (and still not attempt to become one) and I posted random stuff and not proper outfits post, eventually I ran out of stuff to show and tell and my style was very confused. Also I was anxious that people that knew me irl find out about my silly blog (hello mom!)

My style is still very confused. I will not try to describe it here because I simply can't. I will probably try out many things (hopefully) and maybe not settle. I first started to became interested in fashion when I was 14 it was through Harajuku fashion and I wanted to dress like a decora. Leading to that, I became a part of the Rainbow Team, and I still love to hang out with their fellow members <3 I loved colors and that's all I knew.
But now I'm 22years old and for the first time in my life I started wearing more black last autumn. My influences have grown and I can't really tell what attract me the most. I don't have a unique style, I don't want to try out all made styles eithers, I'm just looking to experiences. I can't and won't settle, I will just follow what attract me the most those days (well the major problem is that i can't re-do my whole wardrobe every month).

Right now I like white, black, gingham, (still) pastel colors, jellies, my plain straight hair, choker, cute socks (forever), bright lipsticks, high waisted pants and skirt and braids.

My tumblr which can tell a lot about my tastes : http://mnon.tumblr.com/
I also run fuck yeah fruits and a tumblr about cute room decoration (cloud room)

Top - H&M, Dress - H&M, Socks - 100yen shop, Shoes - New Look 

Photos taken by my bf at Palais de Tokyo