3 oct. 2014

deeper cherries

It didnt took long for me to forgot to blog, about like 2 weeks after i created this new blog.
Anyway I'll try to take more outfit photos this fall and hoping that it'll be somehow interesting.

Sweater : ebay, Skirt : thrifted, Shoes : Dr Martens

So I also dyed my hair purple on my full natural hair. It worked it just not showing much at all on the photos because it's very light and hard to see, but I like this mysterious feeling !

I'm finally wearing lipstick on a daily basis!!!
This is the top matte soft cream from Nyx Cosmetics in Monte Carlo.

20 juil. 2014

Almost Tropcial

I would not normally call this an outfit as it's only a dress. But I'm used to wear many layers of clothes as I'm always cold and it's always cold. For once it felt like summer yesterday (+ 30°c) and even a simple dress was too much.
I guess that could still count as an outfit as I choose to ass the hair-do, the necklace and the shoes. It's only the second time I try hair crown, not as hard to do as I thought. The Lovehearts necklace is a recurrent theme in my outfits hehe so get used to see a lot of them in my posts.

Dress : H&M, Shoes : Primark, Necklace : WEGO

And I didn't have to leave Paris to take these photos, it was at Musée du Quai Branly (I need to explore more cool garden).

I almost wish i had a sunburn.