21 janv. 2015

The world is getting colder.

Can 2015 be a new beginning for me in terms of dressing up?
It started one year and half ago, slowly switching from colors to black&white but it's comming really more intense. First I was all about black clothes then fantasized about full white aesthetic look but only managed one and here I am now back at graphic texture of B&W in mind. And still buying many black clothes as I never ever bought any before 2013 and hoping to make few full white outfits ;)

This month I'm obsessed with grid and stripes!

Yes the bed sheets have to match!

20 - 2001

19 - 1901

Those two last photos are from my Flickr account as I decided that I will attempt a 365 selfie project this year, taking a photo of me each day. It sure feels weird to be back at Flickr in 2015 when all of my friends and me left the website around 2012; we used to have a non-serious 365 project of outfits photos and it was the best! Today I have to find new acquaintances related to the 365days community but it's still fun.
This project is for me more a self-care project than any photographic attempt. First because I attempt a 365days project in 2011 and didn't have much ideas, got a bit scared by comparing my photos to the talented others and thought it was too self centered to take selfies. So my project is on flickr because it's the most conveniant and community friendly but I don't take the photographic issue seriously at all : less restrictions for the best. Plus there is days when I don't have time so it will be lazy phone selfie. And secondly it's a self-care project because damn it's 2015 and no one should feel ashamed of loving one-self and taking selfies! I will take a picture of my face wearing make up or not, tired or not and I will love myself the same. I will not feel insecure because of my looks.

Check out my project HERE :D

oh, and in 2015 I hope to make more experimentation with make up!!

14 - 1401

ps : yes i bleached my haire once again, sorry not sorry

3 oct. 2014

deeper cherries

It didnt took long for me to forgot to blog, about like 2 weeks after i created this new blog.
Anyway I'll try to take more outfit photos this fall and hoping that it'll be somehow interesting.

Sweater : ebay, Skirt : thrifted, Shoes : Dr Martens

So I also dyed my hair purple on my full natural hair. It worked it just not showing much at all on the photos because it's very light and hard to see, but I like this mysterious feeling !

I'm finally wearing lipstick on a daily basis!!!
This is the top matte soft cream from Nyx Cosmetics in Monte Carlo.