3 oct. 2014

deeper cherries

It didnt took long for me to forgot to blog, about like 2 weeks after i created this new blog.
Anyway I'll try to take more outfit photos this fall and hoping that it'll be somehow interesting.

Sweater : ebay, Skirt : thrifted, Shoes : Dr Martens

So I also dyed my hair purple on my full natural hair. It worked it just not showing much at all on the photos because it's very light and hard to see, but I like this mysterious feeling !

I'm finally wearing lipstick on a daily basis!!!
This is the top matte soft cream from Nyx Cosmetics in Monte Carlo.

2 commentaires:

  1. moi je suis pour que poste touuuttt le temps baby!
    parceque un:tu es un dieu pour moi
    deux: je mange tes magnifiques cheveux en permanence
    trois:apporte moi de l'inspiration, viens viens!

    <3 j'aime çaaaa

  2. Daaah je suis tellement contente que tu es ouvert un nouveau blog *u* je te suis de près c: